Forever Young Therapy 
Accepted by Medicare and PPO insurance with no additional fees.
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Focus on your patients. Make it your own business

Forever Young Therapy's on-demand outpatient practice offers independence, whether you're just looking for extra work or want to see patients full-time.

Now inviting therapists across the United States to join Forever Young Therapy
Work on your own time
See your clinical impact 
Treat engaged patients

Make your own schedule. We'll handle the billing, patient marketing, and booking.

Spend more time with your patient and see them for their entire course of care.

Treat motivated patients with various outpatient needs.

We believe there’s a more efficient way to treat your patients. 

Make work easier

-FYT charting is easy and time efficient.

-We match you with patients based on your specialty and location.


-Attractive compensation that is industry competitive.

-Get paid per visit.

-Instantly receive payments directly deposited.

We work for you

 Forever Young Therapy enables you to decide. Do you need a full schedule of patients, or just supplement your currently hours? Forever Young Therapy offers the opportunity to customize your schedule for your personal needs.

To see patients with Forever Young Therapy, you'll need:
PT license     
3+ years of experience working with patients   
Background check     
Meet these requirements? Great! How shall we reach you?

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If you’re interested in providing care with Forever Young Therapy, we’d love to learn more about you!