Forever Young Therapy 
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Senior Care
Orthopedic/Sports Injuries
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
-Adhesive capsulitis
-Ankle injuries
-Bone fractures
-Carpal tunnel syndrome
-Dislocated shoulder        -Femo-acetabular impingement
-Foot injuries
-Golfer’s elbow
-Heel pain
-Heel spurs
-Knee pain
-Labral tears
-Ligament injuries
-Meniscus injuries
-Plantar fasciitis
-Rotator cuff impingement
-Shin splints
-Tennis elbow and more...
-Parkinson's Disease
-Alzheimer's Disease
-Balance disorders
-Degenerative joint disease
-Difficulty with gait
-Fall prevention
- General deconditioning
-Hip pain
-Muscle weakness 
-Posture training
-Prehab before joint replacement
-Urinary incontinence and more...
-ACL reconstruction
-Hip replacement 
-Joint replacement 
-Labral repairs
-Meniscal repairs
-Rehab post fracture fixation
-Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
-Rotator cuff repairs
-Spinal fusion
-Spinal procedures
-Total knee replacement and more...
Back and Neck Pain
-Acute whiplash

-Ankylosing spondylitis

-Bulging discs

-Degenerative disc disease                              -Disc herniation


-Lower back pain

-Mid back pain

-Neck injuries

-Neck pain


-Spinal stenosis


-Thoracic outlet syndrome

-Upper back pain

-and more...

Specialty Care
-Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

-Cerebral palsy (CRPS)

-De Quervain's

-Diastasis recti

-Fibromyalgia                  -ITB syndrome

-Multiple sclerosis (MS)

-Neurologic therapy

-Oncology rehabilitation

-Patellofemoral pain syndrome

-Pelvic floor therapy

-Piriformis syndrome    -Pregnancy & postpartum care


-Women's health therapy and more...

-Aquatic therapy
-Core stabilization
-Core strengthening
-Ergonomic assessment
-Gait analysis
-Movement analysis
-Return to golf
-Return to gym
-Return to running
-Return to throwing
-Strengthening program
-Vestibular rehab and more...
Conditions we treat

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